Between the Raindrops

​​​New Adult fiction Author

Susan Schussler

Jonathan Williams seems to have it all. As a famous actor at the prime of his life, he has an endless supply of money, and countless females vying for his attention. But Hollywood has another, darker side, full of clamoring paparazzi and relentless "journalists," not to mention the women who are simply trying to use Jonathan's celebrity to boost their own social statuses. But he's learned to adjust accordingly, never trusting anyone around him...especially women. 

All that changes, however, when he meets twenty-year-old college student Sarah Austin online. Chatting anonymously with her over the Internet and on the phone, he quickly falls for her. As their relationship deepens, he realizes that he must confess his identity. But he struggles with guilt over bringing an innocent woman into his frenzied celebrity life. Memories of a car accident caused by the paparazzi haunt Jonathan and cloud his every thought. 

Will Jonathan find in Sarah the love he desires? Or will celebrity prove too big of an obstacle to overcome? Between the Raindrops is a story of fame, tragedy, and above all, love.