​​​New Adult fiction Author

Between Friends

(A Between the Raindrops Novel)

Dark family secrets—check. Cheating ex returns—check. Hot make-out session with a Hollywood bad-boy who just friend-zoned her—check. Life’s complicated. How’s a girl supposed to finish her degree?

Megan refuses to repeat the mistakes of her past. She wants to leave her toxic relationship with her ex behind, but their sizzling connection keeps pulling her back in. After four years, she still hasn’t found anyone else to take her breath away. That is until, her smoldering kiss with Hollywood bad-boy, Liam Nordstrom. And even though the heartthrob tells her they can never be more than friends, she can’t stop thinking about him.

Liam only has a few rules when it comes to girls. He doesn’t do relationships, or threesomes. He doesn’t sleep with girls addicted to social media. And he doesn’t hook up with his friends’ sisters. He’s learned from his mistakes. If only his best friend didn’t consider the brainy college student his sister, he’d know exactly what to do to get her out of his head.